PDA –> Other Meanings

August 3, 2009 at 5:54 pm (Fun(ny), Rants) (, )

PDA: Public Display of Affection

  • Puppy love Delivered for an Audience
  • Passion Demonstration Amplified
  • Paraded Desire Aboveboard
  • Prating Devotion Annoyingly

Just a thought that a friend pointed out to me: When a single person meets someone who is dating, the single person thinks nothing of it except, “Oh, he/she is dating.  That’s cool.”  The dating person, however, tends to feel as if it is his or her responsibility to tell the single person there is still hope for him or her and to not give up.  If you are the person who is dating someone, I suggest you resist the urge to offer hope to the single person.  You’re really just going to annoy every single person with whom you come in contact.


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