Where Should the Preposition Be at?

August 7, 2009 at 10:38 am (Fun(ny), Rants) (, )

Ok I realize that this post will forever validate my nerdiness, but whatever.  The truth is I don’t mind I like I love grammar.  I enjoy reading about different grammar rules and discussing proper grammar with people.  No, I don’t correct people out loud when they are talking, nor do I always correct them in my head.  I don’t always use proper grammar, either, mainly because people give me weird looks when I say “With whom did you go to the movie?” instead of “Who did you go to the movie with?”  I also say “like” way too much.

Still, I love grammar.

Therefore, I decided to offer up some insight on a common mistake people make when talking…also one of the most annoying mistakes, in my opinion:

Ending a sentence in a preposition

  • No, I don’t always expect people to end sentences without prepositions.  As I stated previously, it sounds weird to say “With whom did you go to the movie?” instead of “Who did you go to the movie with?” (That being said, the prior of the two is technically correct.)
  • My general rule is this: If you have to rearrange all your words in order to avoid ending in a preposition, don’t worry about it.  If, however, you could end a sentence correctly by simply removing the preposition (basically just shutting up sooner), it is a must.
  • Think about it.  “Where are you?” or “Where are you at?”  “What time are we meeting?” or “What time are we meeting at?” Plus, this takes no extra effort.  All you have to do is close your mouth sooner…just stop talking…and you can sound more intelligent.

Ok and fun fact: The word “preposition” was coined because prepositions typically precede the position of their objects in a prepositional phrase.  Isn’t that so cool?!


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  1. jackiereedy said,

    Okay, my grammar loving AP-STYLE journalist self loves this post. Such good advice: just “close your mouth sooner.” Well said.

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