I Want More Flags than Six

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“More flags.  More fun.”  Well, if that’s the case, then I would say that Cedar Point Amusement Park, located in Sandusky, Ohio, has about a million more flags than Six Flags.  Maybe Six Flags should change it’s slogan…?

I’m not saying that Six Flags isn’t fun.  I love knowing every summer that I will make at least one trip there with my friends.  I love roller coasters and water rides, so definitely no complaints with getting to do all that stuff.  I just wish sometimes that I didn’t always feel like I was the only one in my group of friends that has had my eyes opened to how great an amusement park really could be.  I mean, who wouldn’t choose an amusement park with more roller coasters, other thrill rides, chill rides, kid attractions, other attractions, restaurants, water rides, and just about everything else?  And it’s so clean, you can go on the water rides (yes, even the ones in the actual amusement park instead of the water park section) without your shoes!  If only everyone knew that such a wonderful place existed…

  • Every time I go to Six Flags Over Georgia with my friends, everyone talks non-stop about the Goliath.  “It’s so tall!”  “This ride is the craziest!”  “It’s so scary but so fun!”  At 200 ft and 70 mph, this 2006 attraction is definitely exciting.  Still, I have to say “Been there, done that.”  I get really sick of hearing how great Goliath is, when I know that Cedar Point opened the 205 foot, 72 mph Magnum XL all the way back in 1989.  Think about how long ago that was…That’s the same year the original Game Boy was released.  Yes, Cedar Point was 17 years ahead of Six Flags Over Georgia on that one.
  • Plus, the Goliath is the biggest roller coaster at Six Flags!  Cedar Point has long since built taller and faster roller coasters than the Magnum.  In 2000, the Milleneum Force, a 310 ft and 92 mph roller coaster, opened.  Angle of decent: 80 degrees.  There is no possible way to argue the the Goliath is better than this.  Trust me, I’ve done both.
  • Of course every Travel Channel “thrill ride countdown” includes one of my new all-time favorites: Top Thrill Dragster.  I was able to experience this for the first time yesterday, and it basically rocked my world.  Debuting in 2003, the Dragster was the world’s first “Strata Coaster.”  420 feet in the air, 400 of them making up the 90 degree drop straight down.  0 to 120 mph in about 3.8 seconds.  Holy crap.


^ Yep, that’s the Dragster. ^

And for basically every other roller coaster Six Flags has, there is a better one to match it at Cedar Point.

  • Scorcher…try the Mantis
  • Batman…try the Raptor
  • Mind Bender…try the Maverick

The list of Cedar Point coaster goes on way beyond the list of Six Flags coasters!

  • The Blue Streak
  • Cedar Creek Mine Ride
  • Corkscrew
  • Disaster Transport
  • Gemini
  • Iron Dragon
  • Mean Streak
  • Blue Streak
  • Wild Cat
  • Wicked Twister

There is seriously a coaster for everyone, whether you like thrill and excitement or prefer more of a chill type ride.  They even have the Jr. Gemini and Woodstock Express coasters for the eager kids who still aren’t quite tall enough for the other rides.


Of course roller coasters aren’t the only fun thing at Cedar Point!  There are so many other rides that are just as fun and exciting as a roller coaster!  Chaos, maXair, Skyhawk, and Witches’ Wheel to name a few.  You think Acrophobia is fun?  Try the Power Tower.

And the take-it-easy rides, like the Cedar Downs Racing Derby, the Sky Ride, the Turnpike Cars, and many more.

And the water rides…and the water park…and the beach (Cedar Point is on the coast of Lake Erie).  It’s seriously amazing!

It truly is endless fun at Cedar Point, and there are so many rides and options, you rarely have to wait long at all.  It’s wonderful.

Now I am in no way discouraging people from going to Six Flags.  I’m simply trying to encourage people to explore the world of real amusement parks.  If more flags really means more fun, and the Six Flags fun factor really is six flags, than there’s no telling how many flags Cedar Point has earned.

Basically, I’m just saying it’s about time my friends load up the car so we can take a road trip.


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